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Coach Penny

You're in the right place!

Would you like to Look, Live and Feel Better? 

I help people shift from problems to progress with holistic plant-based solutions.

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What We Do

Our bodies came from the dust of the earth, and we use the earth elements to restore our natural health equilibrium. We use plant-based methodologies to help people master their wellness goals. We help you determine how, and which laws of health to address.

Healthy Smoothie


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Thank you for sharing so transparently...the testimony and the food ideas go hand in hand for inspiration that stirs up confidence that change is a reachable blessing!

Sylvia B.

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Penny presents the information so that it can be easily comprehended.  Also, her information is typically easy to implement.  I enjoy Penny's upbeat personality. 

F. Sawyer

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I have been following Penny for years now. She's very knowledgeable, passionate about healthy living and changing people's mindsets. 

S. Fortes

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