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It's nice to meet you!

I'm Coach Penny

I recently returned to the United States after living and learning abroad in Central and South
America, and now live in rural Virginia. Combining my spiritual gifts of encouragement and
hospitality with my love for public speaking, I use my platform to empower others in the use
of plants as medicine, holistic remedies and “fooducation”.

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As seen on TV and featured by Vitamix, Good Foods Grocery, Lemonade Mindset Magazine, Start Healthy Magazine, Christian Traveler’s Podcast, That Bella Life YouTube Channel, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Comcast TV, Ephesus SDA Church, and more.

I embrace the holistic approach to healing and living a healthier lifestyle. I have researched, and successfully practiced natural healing with plants, natural elements, and medicinal techniques on three continents and seven countries. I also pay homage to wellness methods our grandmothers utilized.

In rural Virginia is where I live with my wonderful husband and my mother-in-love. My lifestyle includes reducing my environmental impact through the sustainable living practices of gardening and sewing. My future goals are a year-round garden, a homestead retreat and animals. It is my passion to use my God given skills and wisdom to help you look, live and feel well!

Costa Brava

PBPL wants to save you time and money by avoiding the never-ending carousel of diets and trendy choices. Helping the body heal and adding life to your years, requires experience, faith, and a depth of knowledge that we possess and share.

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